'Terri Robinson' Night In Hatton Garden, Working Title, James Marsh

'Louise' (lead), RIOT, Lionsgate, Simon Phililps

'Tracey' (lead) 'KICK', Films Ltd, Marcus Warren.

'DS Clarke', 'SHAME THE DEVIL', Paul Tanter

Ali, 'EVERYONE'S GOING TO DIE', Memory Box films, Max Baron

Susie Browning, 'RUN FOR YOUR WIFE', RFYW films, Ray Cooney/John Luton

Polly, (lead) 'FRANK', Northern Media, Richard Heslop

Marta, 'GIRL ON A BICYCLE', Warner Bros and Wiedemann & Berg, Jeremy Leven

Gemma, 'THE BASELINE', Fourth Culture Films, Brendon O'Loughlin

Jo, 'THE GRIND', Dangerous Films, Rishi Opel

Pram, 'VENUS', Miramax, Roger Michel

Joolz  (lead), 'THE SICK HOUSE', Hopscotch Films, Curtis Radclyffe

Tinette, 'HEIDI', Hopscotch Films, Paul Marcus

Suzie Doody, 'THE BEST MAN', The Film Consortium, Stefan Schwartz

Mandy, 'TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG', Pensmith Ltd, Trevor Steven Smith

Tina, 'WIMBLEDON', Working Title, Richard Loncraine


Bonnie, 'CHRONOS' Friend Films, Andre Chocron
Emma, 'MOON IN GEMINI', Yellow Productions, Andi Reiss
Laura, 'DIAMOND, WILL AND LAURA', Mencap/ BBC, Adam Knovagh
The Blonde, 'TRUTH', The Constant Film and TV Prods, Marcus Flemmings
Lisa, 'EAST OF EDEN', North by Northwest, Piotr Mularuk
Lucy, 'WHAT CHANCE HAVE WE NOW', Aurora Films, Adam Thorpe